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Our sensors ensure full time control of your solar energy plant

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Maximum accuracy and precision for the entire life of the sensor.

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Performance sun measurement sensors

High precision data digital/analog output for exact ROI checking


Solar Energy monitors & Wind sensors for green power plants

We produce a full range of solar radiation sensors, temperature gauges and anemometers to measure the performance of photovoltaic and wind power plants.

solar meter or solarimeter

Silicon Cell Pyranometers

Silicon cell pyranometers, also known as “solarimeters”, are used to measure combined direct and diffuse solar radiation. Models with digital output give outstanding precision in monitoring the performances of PV plants.

thermopile pyranometer sensor

Thermopile Pyranometers

Thermopile pyranometers are the optimal radiometers for measuring global solar radiation and, consequently, the available energy in photovoltaic plants and other solar energy applications.

irradiation and temperature sensors and gauges

Temperature Probes

Ready-to-install accurate and versatile temperature sensors with adhesive or stainless steel mounting system. Both their fixing systems allow a stable and reliable fastening to every kind of photovoltaic panel.

Solar irradiance and wind sensors to monitor your green energy plant performance

and check ROI with precision, accuracy and ease:

Discover our sun and wind energy measurement sensors!


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Fraunhofer Institut Calibration Certificate 2015
Fraunhofer Institut Calibration Certificate 2015
Thermopile Pyranometer PYR2-420 Icon
Thermopile Pyranometer PYR2-420
Thermopile Pyranometer PYR1-420 Icon
Thermopile Pyranometer PYR1-420
LITEMETER VOLTAGE Electromagnetic Compatibility certification Icon
LITEMETER VOLTAGE Electromagnetic Compatibility certification


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Solar & Wind energy measurement sensors

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