EnvMeter Pro

ENVMETER PRO is a temperature sensor for metereological use, it’s based on a PT100 temperature sensor.


The special morphology of the shield protects the temperature sensor from solar radiation and precipitation and use the natural ventilation for a short response time.

This temperature gauge is a ready-to-install PT100 thermal sensor with  mounting system.

The thermal sensor PT100 have high precision grade (1/3DIN).

Its main features are:

  • Speed of response to temperature variation (<5s., high thermal transmittance);
  • Measurement precision above the required standards (PT100 class 1/3 DIN sensor );
  • 3/4 wires out
  • High precision for meteo uses 1/3 DIN
  • Shielded cable.
  • Equipped with temperature sensor certificate
  • Easy installation
EnvMeter Pro
TYPE OF PRODUCTTemperature SensorEnvMeterPRO
(class 1/3 DIN)
OUTPUT(Analogical) Impedence Variation (PT100 o PT1000 Δ ± 0.1°C)
Sensor dimensions110mm height, 75mm diameter
Cable5m with stainless steel sheath and sheath made of high thermal resistance, UV resistant cladding
Connector[if present]: M8 4 pin
[if absent]: 2 red conductors, 2 white conductors
Working Temperature-50 /+70 °C
Precision± 0.1 °C
Sensor casingSensor: PT100 class 1/3 DIN prec. ± 0.1°C
Shielding: 6 white resin plates resistant to weather and UV
Body: White nylon brackets, steel fittings
FasteningComplete with an inox or white bracket with a height and deph of 20cm

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