Litemeter Current: Sun radiation sensor

Litemeter CURRENT - Analog silicon cell pyranometerLitemeter Current is a radiation sensor with a high efficiency monocrystalline silicon cell.
Litemeter Current is a small silicon cell pyranometer with great potential.
It’s an analog solarimeter suitable for small and medium-size plants. It needs a external power supply.

The Current output 4-20mA allows the analog signal to remain unchanged in cases whereas the distance between the sensor and the control unit is 10m and more, or in disturbed areas. Distance up to 20-35m if there’s no signal interference.

Litemeter Current is simple, affordable and easy to install.

Key Features:

  • Output 4-20 mA
  • Power supply 8-30Vdc
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Calibrated with a Sunmeter reference which is adjusted every 6 months on the K&Z CMP22 pyranometer of the Teolo Weather Center
  • Complies with IEC 60904
  • Equipped with a quick mounting bracket ready to install.
Litemeter CURRENT  
TYPE OF PRODUCTAnalog Silicon Cell Pyranometer (Solarimeter)Litemeter Current silicon cell pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARDIEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10
CalibrationMade with a SunMeter reference with accuracy around 1.5% and a HP34401-A multimeter with an accuracy greater than 0.2%
Input Range:Irradiation0 – 1300 W/m2
Spectral range0,3 μm – 1,1μm
Temperature-10 /+70 °C
Output:Irradiation4 - 20mA
20mA @ 1250W/m2 STC
Output accuracy:Irradiation± 4% in S.T.C. (25°C) (1) - Temp. Compensated
CompensationCompensation of the error caused by the temperature for better accuracy.
Power supplyExternal
EncapsulationTransparent resin, UV-resistant ( IEC 60904-2 )
CaseAluminum, with screw-clamp to fasten on modules or montage profile
Cable60cm UV-resistant cable
ConnectorsStandard M8 3 pin, protection IP67
Dimensions48x62x15 mm

(1): recalibration recommended after the first 12 months and then after 4 years to maintain the error below 4%.

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