Litemeter Modbus PRO

Litemeter LM2-485 PRO is a digital photovoltaic pyranometer equipped with a monocrystalline silicon cell. Manufacturing and Calibrations are done following the IEC  61215, IEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10 regulations.

The silicon photovoltaic cell is laminated with E.V.A. and a performing antireflective glass for photovoltaic modules. It guarantees a fair precision in the measurement of irradiance and provides a measurement of the indicative temperature of the photovoltaic modules next to it.

This sensor has a RS485 bus interface, using  the well known industry standard protocol Modbus RTU.

The device is calibated with our Primary Reference cell calibrated periodically by Fraunhofer Institute (DE), accredited by Dakks.

ProductLitemeter LM2-485 PROLITEMETER LM2-485-Modbus RTU
Standard ReferenceIEC 60904-2;
IEC 60904-4;
IEC 60904-10
Input RangeIrradiance0 ÷ 1250 W / m2
Spectral range0,36 μm ÷ 1,14 μm
Temperature-30 ÷ +85 °C
Output (digital RS485 standard Modbus
Irradiance0 ÷ 1250 W / m2 (not compensated in temp.)
Temperature-30 ÷ +85 °C (1)
Output precisionIrradiation±5% (2.5% @S.T.C. (25°C))
Temperature± 1.0 °C
Response Time
Sensor TypeSolameter with digital output
SupplyExt. Current loop12 ÷ 30 V dc
EncapsulantGlass + E.V.A. + Poliester
Cable3 m shielded cable Ø 5.7 mm, conductors
4 x 0,25mm2, UV and high temperature resistant
ConnectorsStandard M8 4 pin or not present (4+1 pin)
Dimensions55x98x20.5 mm without fixing bracket
IP gradeIP 65
(1): Note: the temperature value is predetermined at project stage and verified at the
production stage.

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