Litemeter Voltage: Sun radiation and temperature sensor

solar radiation and temperature sensorLitemeter Voltage is a radiation and temperature sensor with monocrystalline silicon cell. This solarimeter has two analog outputs 0-10V, which provide the value of irradiation and temperature of the cell. The technology inside allows it to ensure a high degree of linearity in the measurements and reliability in accordance with the IEC 60904. The sensor is temperature compensated. The accurate calibration which is carried out allows high reliability of the measures. It’s available in two calibration options for the ranges of irradiance and temperature depending on the climate zone. Through the ordering code you choose the features most appropriate to the area of installation. Its accuracy and reliability make this silicon cell pyranometer suitable for monitoring medium-size photovoltaic plants. Key Features:


  • Temperature compensated
  • Two analogic output 0-10V: irradiation and cell temperature
  • Mounting bracket included
  • Aluminum body
  • 4% error tolerance
  • Complies with IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12 – (aging)
  • Complies with IEC 60904
  • Customized for your climate area
Litemeter VOLTAGE  
TYPE OF PRODUCTAnalog Silicon Cell Pyranometer (Solarimeter) with Temperature OutputLitemeter analog silicon cell pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARDIEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10; IEC EN 61215
OUTPUT2 ch. voltage: Irradiation and Temperature
CalibrationPeriodically recalibrated with the Fraunhofer ISE (D) reference solarimeter (± 2.5% accuracy) and a HP34410A multimeter (accuracy 0.2%).
Input Range:Irradiation0 – 1300 W/m2
Spectral range0,3 μm – 1,1μm
Output:Irradiation0 – 10V (10 V @ 1200W/m2) (1) Temperature compensated
Ampl. Irradiance4V @ 1000 W/m2 STC (5V @ 1250W/mSTC)
Output accuracy:Irradiation± 4%
Temperature± 1,5 °C
Power supplyExternal12 ÷ 30 V dc
Working temperature-30°C ÷ +80°C (output of temp. working in the range -20 ÷ +85°C)
EncapsulationTransparent resin, UV-resistant (IEC 60904-2 )
CaseAluminum case with screw clamp for securing on modules or on mounting rails with the same correct orientation.
Cable3 m UV-resistant shielded cable Ø 4.9mm, wires 4 x 0,25mm2 + shield
ConnectorsStandard M8 4 pin IP67 version or no connector version (4 + 1 pin)
Dimensions50x90x15 mm
Basic ordering codeLM1-10 -NNNN-xT- xx
Out Irradiation range0 ÷ 1200 W/m2-1200
0 ÷ 1300 W/m2- 1300
Out Temperature range20 ÷ 85 °C-HT
-30 ÷ 75 °C-LT
ConnectorM8 4 poles- C
No Connector
Ordering code example:LM1-10 with 10V at 1300W/m2, Temp. Adjustment for north Europe or Canada with connectorLM1-10 -1300-LT-C
(1)The radiation value is calibrated to obtain 10V with a 1200W/m2 or 1300W/m2 irradiation (see order code). (2)The temperature value is pre-calibrated in the project phase and verified during the production phase. (3)The sensor can be equipped or not with a 4-pole M8 connector (see order code).

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