Irradiation Sensor - sunmeter Wind - digital pyranometer

Sunmeter WIND

High performance digital solar radiation meter

SUNMETER WIND is a high performance digital solarimeter.

Digital solar irradiance meter with anemometer - Irradiation Sensor - sunmeter PRO Thanks to its advanced technology, it measures irradiation and two other environmental parameters by a direct connection to a pulse output anemometer via RS485 Modbus. On the same Modbus there’s also an input for a PT100 temperature sensor. With this single device you have a sensible reduction in wiring, and a interference-free outputs reading.

Key Features:

  • Monocrystalline silicon cell
  • Measurement of cell values with  TZOS® technology
  • Accurate calibrations made with primary solarimeters recalibrated every six months at the weather center
  • Calibration according to IEC 60904-4
  • RS485 Modbus RTU standard port to ensure readings up to 500m
  • Input for pulse output anemometer (max 2 imp/rev)
  • High resistance to atmospheric agents
  • Complies with IEC EN 61215 standard (aging)
  • Ease of installation
SunMeter WIND
TYPE OF PRODUCTDigital SolarimeterSunmeter WIND silicon cell Pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARDIEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10 ; IEC EN 61215
CalibrationIrradiation: by working references calibrated by Fraunhofer Institute
Wind: speed constant regulated by anemometer constant
Range di inputIrradiation0 – 1250 W/m2 (0,3 μm – 1,1 μm)
Temperature-30/+80 °C
Wind0 ÷ 120 Km/h (max 2 imp. round)
OutputDigitalRS485 standard Modbus RTU
Output precisionIrradiation± 2.5% (1)
Temperature compensated
Temperature± 1°C
WindDepending on anemometer
Power supply9 ÷ 30 Vdc protected against reverse polarity, short circuit
EncapsulationTransparent UV resistant Resin (see IEC 60904-2)
CaseAluminum with screw-clamp to fasten on modules or montage profile
Cable50cm cable UV resistant
ConnectorsWith 4-way junction for connection to:
-temperature sensor
-monitoring system
IP67 degree
(1): Recalibration recommended after the first 18 months, then after 4 year.

Wind Gauge

Temperature Probe

USB/RS485 Interface Cable SM SCAN SM-Scan is a useful reading tool, able to read the irradiation and temperature data from the Sunmeter output values. Necessary for plant commissioning and testing. 

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