Irradiation Sensor - digital pyranometer


SUNMETER is a photovoltaic pyranometer (aka solarimeter) equipped with a monocrystalline silicon cell.

Irradiation Sensor - SunmeterHigh technological content, precision and quality characterize our sensors from the others.

Designed in accordance with the IEC 60904 and later, the Sunmeter is quick and easy to install and compatible with the most part of data-logger on the market.
The output signal is amplified to prevent external electromagnetic interference. It can be set both digital and analog for every need.
Sunmeter is equipped with a temperature sensor input for photovoltaic modules. It’s a tool of great potential, essential for a good monitoring and management of your system.

Calibrated by stabilized silicon Reference Cell referenced by Fraunhofer Institute (DE).

Key Features:

  • Monocrystalline silicon cell
  • Measurement of cell values with technology TZOS (R)
  • RS485 Modbus RTU standard protocol port to ensure the readings even at 500m from data logger
  • Software for T compensation
  • Output both analog and digital to increase compatibility with data-logger
  • High resistance to the atmospheric agents
  • Complies with IEC EN 61215 par.10,11,12 – (aging)
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate calibrations at the weather center every six months
  • Anodized aluminum body
TYPE OF PRODUCTDigital Silicon Cell Pyranometer (Solarimeter)Sunmeter silicon cell Pyranometer
REFERENCE STANDARDIEC 60904-2; 60904-4; 60904-10;
IEC EN 61215
OUTPUTAnalog and Digital
CalibrationCalibrated by stabilizing the silicon cell with the reference of the ARPAV Teolo's First Class Pyranometer.
Input Range:Irradiation0 – 1250 W/m2
Spectral range0,3 μm – 1,1 μm
Temperature-30/+80 °C
Output:SM1 Version:SM1-485 Version:
Voltage(1) - SM1 only0 – 10 V, 0 – 5 V
(optional 0 – 40 mV adapter kit)
Current(1) - SM1 only0-20 mA, 4-20 mA--
Equipped with 10-pin IP67 (Male/Female) connectorEquipped with 10-pin IP67 (Male/Female) + M8 3-pin connectors
Temperature probe output
Output precision:Irradiation± 2.5% (2)
Temperature± 1°C
Power supply9 – 30 Vdc protected against reverse polarity, short circuit
EncapsulationTransparent UV resistant Resin (see IEC 60904-2)
CaseAnodized aluminum with screw-clamp to fasten on modules or montage profile
Cable50cm cable UV resistant
Connectors10 pin IP67 degree

(1): Output: Digital RS485 is always present on wire n#4 and n#5. Wire n#6 can be configured as voltage or current output. (2): recalibration recommended after 12 months  and then after 4 years

USB/RS485 Interface Cable

SM-Scan is a useful reading tool, able to read the irradiation and temperature data from the Sunmeter output values. Necessary for plant commissioning and testing.

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