Temperature sensor for photovoltaic modules

Temmeter is a temperature sensor for photovoltaic modules, which is based on a PT100 temperature sensor, with adhesive fixing.
It is a product which is less expensive than the Temmeter PRO with mechanical spring fixing, though it isn’t any less efficient.



This temperature gauge is a ready-to-install PT100 thermal sensor without any mounting system, as it has an adhesive surface.
Its main features are:

  • Speed of response to temperature variation (<5s., high thermal transmittance);
  • Powerful adhesiveness on surfaces with low surface tension such as Tedlar;
  • Measurement precision above the required standards (PT100  class A sensor );
  • Shielded cable.
TYPE OF PRODUCTTemperature SensorTemmeter
DIN43760 (KL. A)
Output(Analogical) Impedence Variation (PT100 Δ±0.3°C)
Sensor casingWhite plastic antishock, with neutral thermal behavior at direct irradiation
Type of SensorPlatinum Termal Resistor PT100 class A placed to ensure high heat trasmittance
Response rate ΔT0 ;
Adesive matherialThickness 0,4mm, suitable for gluing to tedlar and plastic materials with plane surface with medium-low surface tension
Sensor dimensionsDiameter: 25 mm – avg thickness: 4,5 mm
Precision± 0.3 °C
Working Temperature-40 ÷ +105 °C
N° of wires2 wires if connected to Sunmeter; 3 wires if loose pins
ConnectorM8 3 poles IP67 / loose pins (white - white - red)**

** when ordering please specify version (with M8connector or loose pins)

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