WindMeter: Digital anemometer

High performing digital wind gauge

Windmeter digital anemometer sensorWindMeter is a digital wind gauge, suitable for the monitoring of wind plants and the control of wind speed in ski lifts plants, motorways, ridge ways, etc.

It’s designed to improve the measurements reliability of wind gauge small cups.

This sensor has been provided with a mechanic plug-and-play. The use of RS485 digital output simplifies the wiring operation in stations where is requested a multiple instruments reading, so that is possible to create a unique chain (bus) at the confluence of the different sensors data.

The anti-icing system is also provided.

WindMeter is available with a M8-4 pole connector that allows a superior installation and maintenance speed, as well as the possibility of install a multi-probe plug&play for easier maintenance controls.

Compatible with the Ammonit Meteo-40 data-logger (on bus RS485).
Also available in the MEASNET centre’s calibrated version.

 Main features:

  • Standard Modbus RTU RS485 port to assure correct value’s reading even at 500m distance.
  • Average and maximum wind speed measurement; temperature measurement.
  • High resistance to the atmospheric agents
  • Ease of installation to the structures
  • Calibrated one by one, to ensure maximum accuracy
  • Anti-icing in the firmware option
TYPE OF PRODUCTDigital Anemometer vaneWindMeter - Wind gauge
OUTPUTSerial interface RS485
Measured values:Wind speed0 ÷ 50 m/s (0 ÷ 180 km/h)
Internal temperature-30 ÷ +85 °C
CalibrationAccording IEC 61400-12-1 Optional: MEASNET
OutputMaximum and average wind speedInstantaneous
1 min
2 min
5 min
Serial interface RS485 half-duplex Modbus RTU
Up to 128 devices on the same line
Selectable termination
Galvanically isolated from power
Protected against overvoltage and short-circuited
AccuracyWind speed± 3% (Measnet calibrated)
Correlation > 0,99995 St.Err 0,022m/s
Internal temperature± 3°C (-30 ÷ +85 °C)
Power supply5 ÷ 40 Vdc / 9 ÷ 28 Vac
Protected against reverse polarity and overvoltage
Electronic circuit sealed
CaseAluminium with 3 screws for direct mounting on poles up to Ø 35mm
CableL= 3 m a 4 conductor
Dimensions30h x 15 Ø cm
OptionsHeater anti 'icing' thermoregulated

*on demand

To achieve optimum measurement during installation please refer to the Annex G of the standard   IEC61400-12-1 on the anemometers.

  • Vanemeter
  • Support bracket

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