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In the past these two terms were considered synonyms. Nowadays, due to the development of technological equipment and measuring instruments, metrology has differentiate their meanings.
Accuracy indicates how a given measurement is close to the real value.
Precision refers to the closeness between independent measurements.

Read a more exhaustive explanation in this article about measurements evaluation.

Yes. A correct sensors calibration is mandatory to ensure reliability, accuracy and precision.
Our laboratory is equipped with three digital SUNMETER solarimeters (called primary SUNMETERS).

Our laboratory is equipped with three digital SUNMETER solarimeters (called primary SUNMETERS),  calibrated with the primary Reference Cell referenced by Fraunhofer Insitute (DE) .
For Thermopile Pyranometers , our primary Pyranometer is a Secondary Standard SR20. The SR20 output values ​​are read by a Keysight (HP), a 6+1/2 digit multimeter.
The calibration process implies direct sunlight exposure.
After being assembled, every solarimeter is calibrated with a primary SUNMETER by setting the amplification coefficients necessary to equal the correct irradiation value.

No: to ensure maximum precisionand accuracy, our products’ calibration has to be made c/o one of our authorized dealers.

The term “calibration” defines the comparison between the value indicated by an instrument and the corresponding real value, while “adjustment” defines the set of operations carried out on an instrument in order to have the given values measured with stated accuracy.

For a more in-depht explanation, please read

A digital silicon cell pyranometer, also known as solarimeter, is a device that measures the exact amount of energy produced by a photovoltaic system. It works following the same principles and absorbing the same solar spectrum range. For further details check Solar Radiation Measurement: Solarimeters and Pyranometers and Photovoltaic energy monitoring: solarimeters or pyranometer?

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