sunmeter configuration mobile appYou can now configure SUNMETER with your Android smartphone or tablet.

SUNMETER is the first irradiation sensor in the market since 2009 with RS485 Modbus output.

Now, you can configure it while working on the field, without bringing it back to your laboratory: all you need is an Android tablet or smartphone (with at least a 4.5″ display).
The Android app allows:

  • to perform diagnostics of the main functions;
  • setup and configuration;
  • to log and save irradiation, temperature and wind (for SUNMETER Wind) values.

Our app is compatible with the most middle or high end mobile devices.

The app is free and is now available upon request. Within a month, it will be freely downloadable from the download area of our website.

To use this software, you will need also a USB/RS485 adapter, an USB/MicroUSB Cable adapter and a female connector for SUNMETER.
A wiring diagram for self-assembling the SUNMETER/Mobile device cable (9V battery needed) is also available upon request and will be downloadable within a month.

We can provide a cable that works without battery (it uses USB power) at the price of 85€.

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